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Heb je aan vraag over het bedrijf of een maatwerkoplossing nodig? Neem dan vooral contact met ons op en wij zorgen dat je binnen 24 uur een reactie hebt! Kennis maken met ons? Dat kan natuurlijk ook, neem dan contact met ons op om een afspraak in te plannen.

Vind je het leuk om te lezen hoe wij zo ver zijn gekomen? Lees onze historie:           Hoe wij zien begonnen..

Wij hebben nu twee maal maatwerk aan onze webshop laten verrichten door DotCommerce. Maatwerk is zeer professioneel uitgevoerd. Ook vragen en/of aanpassingen achteraf worden beantwoord en bijgewerkt. De volgende verandering staat alweer bij ons ingepland!

OnlineaquariumspullenUitstekende partner!

Uitstekend bedrijf voor het maken van een maatwerk koppeling. Qua prijs en kwaliteit erg goed!

van Dort ModeUitstekend bedrijf

Dotcommerce is oplossing gericht, technisch zeer kundig. Een dienstverlener die de lat hoog heeft liggen.

Delight DepartmentOplossing gericht en technisch zeer kundig!

DotCommerce is een zeer goede partner. Flexibel, kundig, communicatief zeer vaardig, volgens planning en goede prijs/kwaliteit. Je moet alleen wel tijdig inplannen want ze hebben het druk!

Vindictzeer goede partner

DotCommerce is een uitstekende partner. De communicatie is zeer goed en snel. DotCommerce levert wat je vraagt. Daar waar tientallen andere partners van SEOshop aangaven dat onze technisch gecompliceerde vragen niet mogelijk waren (of het überhaupt niet begrepen) , ging DotCommerce de uitdaging aan en heeft het in zeer korte tijd en naar grote tevredenheid voor ons gerealiseerd. Zoek niet verder, je partner voor SEOshop is DotCommerce.

Lockout-Tagout-shopUitmuntende communicatie en geweldig werk geleverd.

DotCommerce in het nieuws

bron: Lightspeed

With 3 successful apps in the SEOshop App Store and 1 on its way, partner Dotcommerce shares its story on developing apps for SEOshop. The free Happy Holiday – Snowflakes app launched two weeks ago was a big hit, and there is much more to come. As a SEOshop partner, let yourself be inspired by the story of Dotcommerce.

Tell us something about DotCommerce?

DotCommerce was founded in the summer of 2012 when asked to build a completely customized order-, warehousing- and invoicing system for Two years later, around September 2014, a customer asked us to create a SEOshop webshop for him. Our first SEOshop customer was born. It took until February 2015 for our paths to cross with SEOshop again. Our real breakthrough came when lifestyle brand Delight Department was looking for a professional partner.

After partnering up with Delight Department and creating some up-selling features, everything skyrocketed and customers kept on coming. We grew from two to ten people working on SEOshop projects. Since then, we have specialized in B2B shops and complex backend projects. As of September, we also offer front-end development. In the end, there is no challenge we won’t take.

It’s important for us to have fun in our jobs and to share that fun with our customers. This is also the reason why we launched the Happy Holidays – Snowflakes app for free and even more surprises are coming up. (All merchants who installed one of our apps before December 14th, can keep an eye out for their PO-box). The Snowflakes app allowed us to reach an even greater audience with our solutions and help them grow their business.

What makes Dotcommerce unique?

Our love for Hungarian-folk-music seems to surprise every customer even more than our technical knowledge. We love to draw outside the lines to make the impossible, possible. So far we have not ran into a request that we couldn’t fulfill. We always try to avoid slick sales talks, and try to grasp the essence of the customers problem.

What is your mission?

Our goal is to stay normal, enjoy what we are doing and help our customers grow their business with our technical ‘tricks’ that will amaze consumers.

What was your biggest challenge while developing apps and themes for SEOshop?

When we developed the apps Powersale and Product Planner, our biggest was challenge was to satisfy each and every customer. How can we create a universal app that matches the specific needs of our customers, but is also”monkeyproof” and easy to use at the same time. There are a lot of things we can do in SEOshop, but can not be done with only an app or a theme. This prevents us from putting some really cool things out there for everyone to use. Therefore we are currently working on a B2B focused theme, that’s completely ready for some of the cool things we have in mind.

What does the future of Dotcommerce look like?

Our highest priority is to move to a new office, which will happen in February. We will also keep on surprising Lightspeed customers with new apps and themes. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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